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December 14, 2018
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Let there be light! Classic techniques and principles of interior design combine elegantly with the latest technology. Warm lights, cool lights, coloured lights, bright lights, and even mellow, dim, romantic lights, they are all available for today’s homeowners at the flick of a switch or thru wireless technology.

Lightings in a residence cannot be overstated as there are 2 critical factors. Natural Light & Sophisticated Lighting System. Modern lighting technology uses current knowledge about human physiology to get the right light for the right room. Serotonin and dopamine, the mood-enhancing, motivation-inducing neurotransmitters, are triggered by the cool white and blue frequencies of daylight. Hence, high temperature lights are suitable in kitchen, breakfast room, playroom, home office, and study areas. In the living room and dining room, consider dimmable lights in the neutral, mid-range temperatures, and LED bulbs for the chandelier that can turn up the temperature from mild and mellow to party-hearty.

Warmest, dimmest lights glimmer in bedroom invoking the sleep hormone melatonin. Gadgets producing blue lights should be shut off at least 30 minutes before bedtime for a sound sleep. Dramatizing certain areas of the house like a theatrical set, illuminating architectural focal points, then underscoring them with dramatic shadows, adds to the depth and texture of the house. With the intelligent lighting system in today’s modern day lighting, biometric lighting sensors can adjust the light and mood in a moment. Right light in the right room enhances wellbeing of the individual.

Bathrooms with a large space would also require a direct light above the shower. Applying makeup in sidelights is the best choice. An overhead light helps fill shadows and illuminates the room which helps during cleaning up of make-up.

Antique Chandeliers, Modern Pendants, Floor and Table Lamps not only look sophisticated but also maximize the functionality with a style. Light coming from a steep angle always takes on a dimension of its own.

Experimenting on this Lighting Art, it’s a fun and creative process.

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