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Cold Days, Warm Heart

The holidays are over, winters are here and its sure its a nice to add a dose of cheer to your home. Its a season to add a bit of romantic & cozy touch to your home. As an Apartment Therapy, there is no need for you to have frosty feet. Its time for all the thick rugs, sweater inspired linens, blankets & pillows to take up space to transform them into warm spaces in homes. To add a modern touch you can light up the table lamps, they wouldn't only set the ambiance right, but will also make the room warm. Redecorating the soft furnishings will probably feel confident you’re doing something right.

Home is a place, one should be at a place of rest 'n' comfort and not a vision of frustration. Let comfort come before design and have a scheme with lovely crisp fresh looking set which can be warm, rich and bold tones. By doing this you’re not only adding some style to your home, also making it look extremely glamorous. Curtains closed will make your home look dull, and who doesn't love a house which is cheery. So let the sun flow in during the day and sunlight penetrate making your home look larger. Regularly vacuuming your house keeps it dust free, clean, fresh and a clutter free house has hygiene benefits and helps with the prevention of dust mites.

Keeping it classic, it's easy to decorate for winter – the key is to use natural elements, touches of greenery, a bit of shine, and the soothing tint of snow white. The best winter centerpieces are filled with a variety of natural elements, not just flowers. Globe lights above centerpiece or dining area will give you a sense of comfort, especially when it compliments the winter outside. A Brighter color rug will undeniably upbeat the positivity with colors like yellow & orange. Shades of blue will be peaceful and calming. In an closed atmosphere houseplants add many benefits and reduce anxiety and levels the mood. Houseplants also help in managing stress levels by adding a beautiful scenery and keeping oxygen levels up which varies a lot in cold breeze.

For children's room stick to whites as its gender neutral color and gives an added advantage to pay attention on playful activities. Maintaining balance is essential hence you can also make use of wallpapers with contrasting prints/designs. Give preference on using organic fabrics in children's room as it can easily be adapted by the child and helps show their maturity in their own cuteness. Fun colored pillows are always an added advantage. Simple and vibrant accessories create an artistic addition as they are eye catching, stylish and welcoming. Its good to go modern in children's room as it also reflects child's personality. Mid-century mixed well with vintage style along with modern gadgets is a perfect idea of gorgeous room. Adding a world map on the wall will interest children and possibly help their adventurous instincts.

This is one season where smart home devices can be tested at its optimum levels. Plastering of walls, which type of glass is fitted in window also adds to the energy that is consumed in the house. Single glazed windows restricts radiations to escape which makes it difficult for room to be warm hence opening windows during day is important for radiant energy to go out. The best way to prevent this heat loss is to close your curtains and lower your blinds immediately after dusk.

Not annoying, but by knowing, this winters lets create a magical and cozy ambiance ready to welcome family and friends with warmth !

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interior design companies in pune


Wallpaper is a conversation piece, an artsy, geometric, tribal or adventurous print can speak for itself. Four walls, limitless possibilities: we like to limit the number of finishes in a given space. Wallpapers narrow the focus and puts the wall covering in center stage. Soft colors of particular wallpapers can add a mood to the interior. Each design sets a different vibe: subtle romance, vibrant energy, urbane glam. Whichever you associate it with. Drawing the eye and adding dimension while allowing the drama of life to unfold against a beautiful backdrop.

In the past coupla years wallpapers have been making a comeback. People enjoyed plastering, block prints and textured paint in the past, however, suddenly they have become very boring. Contemporary art wallpaper has been seen nowadays to get back the trend. They are quirky, colorful, and mesmerizing, both to the eye and style. These divine designs offer a personal touch and less stuff. In thoughtful spaces, the element acts as a scene-stealer and keeps it trendy. Wallpapers are here to stay they aint going anywhere with a distinctively modern tweak! innovative patterns, designs, murals, and custom papers make any home pop.

People want their homes to feel special and unique, wallpaper is the perfect toy to do that with polish. Today’s popular papers are vastly different from the old school. Longtime decorating taboo has returned to fashion thanks to ultra-stylish prints, dimensional fabrics, and new materials that make it easy to install and, yes, to remove. Home owners grow tired of regular old paint, wallpaper is quickly gaining in popularity. It’s calming, serene, and elegant maintaining a sense of modernity.

A perfect alternative to paint and adding more drama than paint, it’s a fun way to transform a room in a personal style without breaking the bank. The colors are richer. The fabrics are textured and sometimes three-dimensional. And the images have a lifelike sharpness. A lot of credit goes to advances in digital printing. Installing and removing wallpaper used to be a headache, so technology — including new adhesive formulas and stick-and-peel fabrics that strip off walls without leaving stains/marks. Someone explained it very well; Less mess, less stress. The days of scraping and steaming are over.

Wallpapers are categorized by its material and adhesive coating. Non-woven substrate paper dry-strips easily from the wall, Pre-pasted papers come with a water-activated adhesive backing. Both are durable, strippable and generally grease-resistant, which makes them smart choices for those with children or pets. Scrubbable papers can be cleaned with a sponge and detergent. Washable papers can be gently cleaned or wiped with a damp cloth. Wallpapers nowadays are durable, and these days maintaining them is easy.

Wallpaper was developed soon after the introduction of paper-making to Europe during the latter part of the 15th century. However its also said that Chinese used this for the first time by having block printed wallpapers then. Whats interesting here is the old centuries interiors are an easy way to add character, color, tone to modern concepts. A retro look to any space, geometric shapes with clean lines, tribal/folk patterns for rustic kitchens or bedrooms with minimalist bedroom designs certainly would transform the way you live and see your space. Hence its said "Always Make Room For Improvement"

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interior design companies in pune

Sound & Acoustics For Home

None of us can recall a time when we started to speak, and its a perplexed question about how we learn to speak. We listen. And then we make noises. And then we shape the noises into words. The process of acquiring speech is, indeed, a momentous achievement, with a time course that begins long before birth and continues till some obstacles. At the earliest stages, parents play a critical role.

Together, the baby and the parent exchange and learn together to advance toward the common goal of sharing a conversation. Many parents notice, for instance, that a toddler can understand much more than it can express.

Sound has an effect on four dimensions, namely relaxation, communication, spatiality and dynamics, on acoustic comfort in urban spaces. Without going into all kinds of detail about the nature of sound in rooms, like delay times as measured in milliseconds, the inverse square law, absorption coefficient vs. frequency, etc., lets understand this. There are two kinds of sound: Direct sound, which is the sound that reaches your ears directly from the sound source itself. Reflected (indirect) sound. This is the sound that bounces off the walls, floor and the ceiling before reaching your ears.

Reflected sound is necessary for music and speech to sound natural, but too much can rob your system of sound quality. If you have a large expanse of glass in your listening room, like a picture window or French doors, try installing drapes over them to absorb reflections. If you have wood or vinyl flooring, try placing an area rug to help absorb some of those harmful reflections.Bookshelves can help break up or diffuse reflections.

If you've ever been inside a recording studio, radio or TV station, concert hall, or music practice room at a school or music store, you've probably seen some type of sound-absorbing material. Dense, porous materials like polyurethane foam and fiberglass tend to be the most popular choices.

Whether we're talking about common room materials or professionally designed room treatment products, a material's ability to absorb sound varies according to the frequency of the sound. Carpet and drapes provide significant absorption above 500 Hz, but have little effect on lower frequencies. Window glass and drywall can absorb bass frequencies, but are very reflective above 500 Hz.

The next time you sit down to watch or listen, think about the ways — good and bad — that your room may be affecting the overall sound of your system. A basic understanding of room acoustics (and speaker placement) can help you maximize the performance of any audio or home theater system.

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Let there be light! Classic techniques and principles of interior design combine elegantly with the latest technology. Warm lights, cool lights, coloured lights, bright lights, and even mellow, dim, romantic lights, they are all available for today's homeowners at the flick of a switch or thru wireless technology.

Lightings in a residence cannot be overstated as there are 2 critical factors. Natural Light & Sophisticated Lighting System. Modern lighting technology uses current knowledge about human physiology to get the right light for the right room. Serotonin and dopamine, the mood-enhancing, motivation-inducing neurotransmitters, are triggered by the cool white and blue frequencies of daylight. Hence, high temperature lights are suitable in kitchen, breakfast room, playroom, home office, and study areas. In the living room and dining room, consider dimmable lights in the neutral, mid-range temperatures, and LED bulbs for the chandelier that can turn up the temperature from mild and mellow to party-hearty.

Warmest, dimmest lights glimmer in bedroom invoking the sleep hormone melatonin. Gadgets producing blue lights should be shut off at least 30 minutes before bedtime for a sound sleep. Dramatizing certain areas of the house like a theatrical set, illuminating architectural focal points, then underscoring them with dramatic shadows, adds to the depth and texture of the house. With the intelligent lighting system in today's modern day lighting, biometric lighting sensors can adjust the light and mood in a moment. Right light in the right room enhances wellbeing of the individual.

Bathrooms with a large space would also require a direct light above the shower. Applying makeup in sidelights is the best choice. An overhead light helps fill shadows and illuminates the room which helps during cleaning up of make-up.

Antique Chandeliers, Modern Pendants, Floor and Table Lamps not only look sophisticated but also maximize the functionality with a style. Light coming from a steep angle always takes on a dimension of its own.

Experimenting on this Lighting Art, it's a fun and creative process.

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Kids Room & Study Room For Grooming of Children

If you have children and are wondering what to do about their grooming, then we've outlined some of the important guidelines. If you are a large family it may be difficult, if not possible to give every child their own bedroom. However, a child that has his/her own bedroom will be able to handle responsibility and can give a child a higher sense of self-esteem, a valuable lesson in said control.

Having an own room will give child the ability to keep their things safe from possible destructive siblings. It also offers a place to read, relax and recharge much more than a shared room can. For an introverted child it benefits to get away from siblings if they need to.

For parents to teach their children becomes easy by giving them certain responsibilities restricted to their room. For example : making sure they take care of it, keeping it tidy and when needed also to clean it. If the child has a temper problem it can be helpful for them to spend some quiet time, this may be tough these days as kids have their own smart phones, playstations, tv, etc.

A child having his own room can host friends in their own room and they will learn graciousness, courtesy and manners more quickly than in a shared one. It adds to their pride when friends visit. To make learning a successful journey, child's educational development requires best possible state-of-the-art environment. Having an activity section attracts child's attention, improves communication and they tend to become Active Learners.

Colour has the ability to inspire, excite, soothe, heal and even agitate. The effect of colour makes your child's room happy & healthy. Colours nurture sensitivity, counter restlessness and encourage confidence.

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interior design firms in pune

Interior Designing – As a service for offices and residences

Interior design is both the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a building, be it a residence or an office; or even a factory, school, or hospital. Until a few decades ago, interior design largely referred to only shapes and play of colors that are aesthetically pleasing. But, now interior design is a lot more complex and includes aspects of functionality, environment friendliness, and also promotes healthier lifestyle and wellbeing. Therefore, interior design does not require the professional expertise of an architect alone. A good understanding of masonry work, carpentry and electrical work is also essential. Further, interior design work needs to be handled on a project basis and thereby includes the aspects of planning, techno-commercial, and execution at site.

Important considerations in interior design –

  • Effective use of space: to enable residents get maximum out of the available space. An uncluttered interior yet allowing a lot of storage is a good example of this.
  • Functional and safe design: An interior is not all about a beautiful scheme of colors and shapes. It must be also fulfill its functional requirement. For instance a lounging area or a work space needn't look only attractive. It should be comfortable, with easy access and should be optimally lit with a mix of natural and artificial lighting.
  • User well-being through ventilation and ergonomics: A well designed interior must allow good ventilation for human comfort. Ergonomic design refers to comfort as well as health. For instance, a seating system with a sub-optimal backrest design could induce backache.
  • Environment friendly design and choice of materials: Principles of sustainability should be followed in production of materials used in interior design.
  • Consideration to users' specific taste: User requirements in terms of layout, furniture design, lighting fixtures etc, also need to be satisfied while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

In the last decade, interior design of residences and offices has seen great innovations in not just new materials but also in the layouts and use of technology. Interiors of contemporary residences and offices currently feature the following characteristics –

  • Vibrant color schemes.
  • Natural lighting.
  • Emphasis on comfort and relaxation.
  • Use of natural and organic materials.
  • Use of technology: for example, security and access systems, electrically operated shutters and screens, remote controlled lighting, mobile/internet controlled home appliances.

One would think that with the constraints of functionality, most residence interiors should be looking similar. Far from it. Residence interiors are increasingly expressing the lifestyle and taste of its residents and also innovation of the interior design professionals. Some of the innovative features found in modern residence interiors are –

  • Storage under stairs.
  • Hidden workspaces.
  • Walk-in closets.
  • Seating by the window.
  • Interior gardens.
  • Innovative lighting fixtures; wall mounted, floor mounted or table top.
  • Glass flooring.
  • Suspended beds.

Office Interiors

Design of office interiors has several other aspects to consider. These include the type of company, the number of people and the movement pattern during the work day. Design of work stations and their layout is therefore of primary importance for offices.

Modern office interiors reflect a company's culture, values, and brand characteristics. Open office layout, which became a rage all over the world about 2 decades ago, was first designed in the US to express openness, transparency and collaboration among employees.

This translated to a layout with a large number of workstations placed in open halls, with cabins for senior managers and conference halls made of glass walls, but offering acoustic privacy at the same time.

Some important factors in designing an office interior are –

  • Type of company and its business: A funky interior may not suit a traditional financial firm, dark color scheme may not work for a modern marketing or ad company.
  • Number of employees and their movement pattern
  • Need to maintain hierarchy in size and positioning of work stations and enclosed spaces.
  • Number of conference and meeting rooms.
  • Lighting balance: between natural and artificial lighting
  • Type of light fittings and light sources.
  • Structure and furniture design: materials, colors, modularity etc

Selecting a professional service provider –

While selecting a service provider for designing the interior of your residence or office, it is necessary to go for qualified professionals who have domain knowledge and experience in all aspects of design, especially when the size of residences is large or the office has fifty or more employees. A team of carpenters, masquerading as interior decorators, are not the ones who would fit the bill. Professional interior designers would handle the work as a project, and start with a laid-down plan and thereafter create a functional design. A professional service provider would also consider all techno-commercial aspects and ensure proper execution of work on site. And in keeping with the modern trends, and being responsible global citizens, we all must insist for environment friendly practices in interior design.

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interior design companies in pune

New Age Furniture: Ethics vs Aesthetics

About a decade ago, furniture in most countries was all about aesthetics and ergonomics. Beautiful looking furniture which was very functional and comfortable was all that the designers cared for. Big furniture manufacturers in Europe and the US who created designer items were essentially concerned with high aesthetics and some degree of ergonomics as well. That was a period when furniture was created as a work of art with an aim to embellish the interior of a residence. To enhance its aesthetic appeal, materials other than wood, such as stainless steel, plastics and even ceramics, were being used in making furniture.

On the other hand, voices in support of environment protection were continually growing. A host of environmental agencies, both state-owned and private were already studying the environmental impact of a lot of industrial activities. In this context, production of all man-made material and items gradually began to be seen for its impact on environment. A demand for environment protection was now being made on the global stage by most of the advanced nations. Among other man made things, even furniture began to be evaluated for its impact on environment.

Some of the award winning furniture designers initially voiced their disapproval for environmental considerations in furniture design. They stated that aesthetics were being sacrificed in the name of ethics. They thought it was an unnecessary conflict created by the environmentalists who had no idea of aesthetics. But, despite that the environment protection movement continued to grow, with full backing of developed nations, and also economic blocks and organizations of countries.

What is eco-friendly furniture?

Eco-friendly primarily means helping the ecology and environment. In context of furniture, eco-friendly would mean the following –

  • Use of wood in furniture leads to depletion of forests. However, other alternative materials were seen to be in greater conflict with sustainability. Hence, specific wood types have been accepted as environment friendly.
  • Wood used in furniture should aide forest preservation & restoration. This means wood should be taken from such trees which can be grown or restored easily. Technically it is called "wood from sustainably harvested forests"
  • Bamboo plantation should be encouraged. This would help availability of bamboo for furniture manufacture. Bamboo is actually grass and is not a tree. So this does not lead to depletion of forest cover.
  • Furniture should be manufactured in processes that help water conservation and reduced use of water.
  • Furniture should be durable, so it has a long life cycle and it would not need replacement for several years.

In addition to the environment friendly characteristics, there is an addition emphasis on sustainability. Apart from environment, sustainability covers social and economic factors as well. When sustainable design principles are applied to furniture, the following needs consideration -

  • Reclaimed material should be used for manufacturing furniture, e.g. wood scrap, saw dust etc.
  • Furniture should be made from low impact materials: material should be recyclable and should involve least amount of processing time, from its input or natural state to the finished state.
  • The material should have low toxicity. This means the furniture during its usage, would not emit toxic gases which could harm the environment.
  • The furniture should use energy efficient processes in its manufacture.
  • The furniture must have a low carbon footprint. This means all the processes used in furniture production and its transportation should emit the least amount of carbon dioxide.

While selecting readymade furniture or getting it manufactured, a user too can consider some broad factors which would make his furniture more environment friendly -

  • Furniture should be made of wood which can be reused and recycled. Bamboo furniture should also be considered for spaces where it is feasible.
  • Some polycarbonate sheets can also be used which have been declared more environment friendly.
  • Use of plywood and particle boards, which need a lot of processing in its manufacture should be minimized.
  • Use of laminates should also be minimized for their lack of environment friendly characteristics.
  • Furniture upholstery should use natural fabrics and natural colors as far as possible.
  • Upholstery should be easy to clean and use less water and energy for its maintenance.
  • All the paint & polish used in the furniture should have used non-volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Today all of us dream of a grand house with beautiful and aesthetic furniture. But, we need to also consider how environment-friendly our furniture is. In this context, beauty is not what pleases the eye alone, it needs to please the environment as well.

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